It Just Takes Some Time

The past few weeks have featured a whole lot of chaos, countless laughs, a couple pairs of ridiculously uncomfortable shoes, a few hangry moments thrown in there for good measure – and very little sleep – but, here I am, back in the Gator Nation with a new blog post! It’s still pretty Greek to me I recently took part in formal […]

The ABCs of Summer ’16

As I sit at the airport gate to head back to Gainesville for my sophomore year, I am flooded with thoughts and memories about my busy but special summer. I knew this moment was approaching – but I just cannot believe where I am today vs. where I was a little over one year ago. (I was actually […]

My Little Town

There are many things I do not necessarily love about my little town. For starters: the Sandusky “Mall,” home to what is likely the world’s first and last Elder Beerman store. (It’s practically a historical landmark.) My town is the host of Ohio Bike Week, which, sadly, has nothing to do with bicycles. (When I say “bike week,” […]