The Intern Diaries: Putting It All Together

…and then there were two (days).

Somehow, I am down to the last few days of my summer internship with the Sandusky Library and the Follett House Museum. I have been busy with completing my exhibit designs for the museum, assisting with activities for kids and teens, cutting and gluing thousands upon thousands of paper chains, and much, much more. The past ten weeks have been extremely enjoyable and rewarding, and as I get closer to my last day at the library, I can’t help but think of how much I will miss the genuine, funny and compassionate librarians and staff members I have gotten to know so well.

Here’s the 4-1-1 (and some final reflective thoughts)!

Introducing…a brand new exhibit!

The new Miss America 1963 exhibit at the Follett House Museum. I designed the backdrop(s), selected and placed the objects, and created labels for each artifact.

I redesigned multiple exhibits at the museum by creating new backdrops/photo collages (using InDesign) and refreshing/reorganizing the artifacts on display. One of my main projects was the creation of an exhibit about Sandusky native Jackie Mayer, who was Miss America 1963. At age 28, Jackie Mayer suffered a stroke, and she is now a motivational speaker and inspirational figure. This exhibit is the first in the museum to document a piece of more recent history. (The museum itself focuses mainly on Sandusky life in the 19th and early 20th centuries.) I was honored to have played a role in sharing a story important to my community, and I am excited to have had the opportunity to leave my mark on the museum.

Arranging objects for the Miss America display case (Fun fact: I got to wear very official-looking gloves when handling the artifacts!)

Last week, I led my final iMake classes for kids and teens. Two teens who regularly participated in the iMake program thanked me and told me how much fun they had the whole summer (!!!!), which made me so happy. I was also featured in the Sandusky Register in an article about the program.

I had a blast assisting with other children’s activities – such as a “Minute to Win it” fair for 3-6 year-olds (“high-energy” is an understatement), a life-sized version of Pac Man (see photo below) and a “Gadgets and Gizmos” program, where teens had the chance to play with a mini drone and small robots called Ozobots (also pictured below).

The takeaway

There were days when I felt more like the “Help” button on Microsoft Word than an actual person, and there were hectic (and loud) moments in the children’s area where my patience was tested. I helped adults use Facebook (or perhaps the Internet in general) for the first time. I helped patrons find the books and materials they were looking for. I tried out virtual reality goggles and flew a mini-drone. I had green screen photo shoots with kids and teens, and I answered questions of all sorts. These moments – even the unexpected ones – made each day interesting and contributed to my experience.

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work alongside amazing people who truly love what they do and are dedicated to serving the community. I grew up attending children’s programs and checking out books from the Sandusky Library, but I have a newfound appreciation for the not-always-glamorous work that truly makes this organization function to its fullest potential – not to mention the creative, talented, resourceful people who make the library such an important and special place in our community.

No matter where my college/professional career leads me, I will always remember and cherish the lessons I learned and the wonderful people I met through this internship.

This is the last Intern Diaries post for a while – but I have a feeling there will be more to come in the future!

Here’s to goodbyes, hellos and packing for school (oy),


Before you go:

I was recently named as one of “25 Inspiring Women in College” by the website (Scroll down to #12 to find me!) I am a little shocked, but mostly very honored and excited! Thank you to anyone/everyone who keeps up with my shenanigans and who has been supportive and encouraging over the years! It feels amazing to be recognized for something I already love to do.

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