The girl behind the blog

My story began in Sandusky, Ohio, where I spent most of my time either at swim practice or at my desk, filling notebooks with doodles and dreams about the future.

My family’s frequent travels sparked my love for writing when I was very young; my first fictional stories were inspired by childhood road trips. Since the days of printer paper and Crayola markers, my writing utensil(s) of choice have changed—but my affinity for storytelling has only flourished.


I’m a junior journalism student at the University of Florida and a writer and editor with dreams of working in the magazine industry. I’m obsessed with the written word, the Gators, being creative and documenting my adventures and ideas on The Darcy Diaries.

When I’m not putting pen to paper, I enjoy traveling, eating, photography, laughing and taking long walks on the beach in the Target office supply aisle.

Welcome to my blog—it’s a little slice of who I am, and I hope it inspires you to share your story, too.