The Intern Diaries: Ohhh, We’re Halfway There

As the Bon Jovi-inspired title suggests, I am over halfway done with my Community Foundation internship. This summer has been jam-packed with a ton of amazing experiences, which has made the time pass incredibly quickly. I can’t believe I only have one month left at home before I return to the good ‘ol GNV for my sophomore year at UF! (How did that happen!?!)

Here’s what’s new since I last wrote:

I completed a series of exhibit designs for the Follett House Museum. The displays are essentially posters/backdrops sized to fit the museum cabinets and cases accordingly. After selecting and scanning photographs and postcards to feature, I used Adobe InDesign to create the layouts. Thanks to the library’s awesome PR/graphic design team, I was able to have the posters printed and mounted on foam boards faster than planned. I am so excited with how they turned out!

IMG_2103My ~vision~ was to maintain the character of the old pictures, but I wanted to showcase them in a clean, modern style. Above: One of my displays for the museum’s exhibit about Sandusky’s early postal service. (I loved the 1950s car in the first image vs. the horses/carriages in the adjacent photograph!) Also, shoutout to Bebas Neue (the font I used), one of my go-to typefaces. (Instead of “Baby, it’s you,” it’s more like, “Bebas, it’s you.” This is what my life has come to.)

I also worked on rearranging exhibits in the museum. I moved artifacts on display to a smaller case, which made for some challenges – i.e. having to move some items to storage, finding creative ways to display bulkier items, etc. Everything is coming along nicely, and I can’t wait to see how it all looks when it is finished!

This week, I will be leading another round of iMake Monday classes, where kids and teens use Photo Booth, iMovie and/or Garage Band to make a fun project. I will also assist with other children’s programs, which are always a blast!

Thanks to my Mom for always making the best food. Pictured here: a mason jar quinoa salad (and my trusty Her Campus water bottle).

As I head into the sixth week of my internship, I am overwhelmed thinking about how much I have done, how much I have learned and how wonderful the program has been. I have answered (or at least attempted to answer) questions of all sorts, interacted with many different people and have gotten to know many great staff members who make every day at the library interesting and enjoyable.

Here’s to coffee, good books and to being “The Intern,”



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