It Just Takes Some Time

The past few weeks have featured a whole lot of chaos, countless laughs, a couple pairs of ridiculously uncomfortable shoes, a few hangry moments thrown in there for good measure – and very little sleep – but, here I am, back in the Gator Nation with a new blog post!

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It’s still pretty Greek to me

I recently took part in formal sorority recruitment from “the other side” – as a chapter member. (Check out my post from last year, which documents my experience as a PNM – a Potential New Member. Good times.)

Thanks to House Hunters marathons during breaks in recruitment, caffeine, Tijuana Flats (shoutout to the Norrito Bowl) and the excitement of bid day (a huge celebration welcoming home the new sisters of Phi Mu), I made it through the exhausting yet rewarding recruitment process, a one-of-a-kind experience. 


Though I was skeptical at first, “rush” truly is much more than the coordinating outfits, uncomfortable shoes and “candid” laughing pictures. Recruitment requires months of organization, planning and practice, and I am still amazed at how the logistics, complicated schedules and meticulous details came together. Through the ups and downs, going through recruitment from “the other side” has given me a greater appreciation for my Phi Mu sisterhood.

One year ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into by joining a sorority – but now, I want nothing more than to make sure my new sisters find their place in Phi Mu and at the University of Florida, just like I have. 


Welcome to your life

I always love the start of a new semester – new classes, a new color-coding system for my planner (#DarcyProbs) and new opportunities to learn and grow. So far, I am excited for my Fall classes – though some are more painful than others (*cough cough* Macroeconomics). On a positive note, though, it has only been one week, and I am already fascinated by my Sociology class – and I am looking forward to the hands-on storytelling projects I will create in my Multimedia Writing class.


I am also trying something completely new; I am learning how to host and produce a radio show! The UF College of Journalism and Communications offers students the opportunity to learn about radio production through the WUFT-FM Radio Reading Service, which broadcasts live to visually impaired residents in North Central Florida. I will get to add a brand new skill to my repertoire all while assisting with a wonderful cause. I go “live” for the first time next Friday on my segment, “This Weekend.” It should be interesting – stay tuned for updates! (My biggest fear: sneezing while on air.)

All in all, it feels different walking around campus and knowing I am no longer a freshman. (However, I do not miss the dorm life. Sorry, Jennings.) It is weird to think about how much has happened in one year – and how I will probably feel the same way one year from now.


Here’s to year two – and the coffee, friends and Gators who will help me through it all,


6 thoughts on “It Just Takes Some Time

  1. Loved reading this post!
    I’m in a similar position – about to go into my second year at a university in the UK.
    It’s going to feel so strange not being a freshman (“fresher” as we call it over here). Looking forward to it though. Hope this year goes well for you!

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    • Aw! Thank you for your comment! I love how you call it a “fresher” in the UK, and it’s interesting how you share the same weird feeling of not being so “new!”
      I just checked out your blog and I love it so much. (I love the graphics/designs! You are so talented!) Best of luck with everything! :)

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  2. Great post! I’m moving into my second semester as a sophomore and finding out that the feeling of time passing too quickly is a constant problem in college. Good luck with the spring semester!
    – Jean |

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    • It sounds so typical whenever I think/talk about how fast the time goes by, but it’s true – and it never seems like that in the moment. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! :) Good luck to you as well!

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