The Intern Diaries: One Day At a Time

Welcome back to the latest installment of The Intern Diaries, where I’m sharing the latest and greatest updates about my current summer internship. (Catch up on the previous posts here!)

This past week was a bit hectic; each morning seemed to bring a new surprise or a spontaneous program, project or conflict to be addressed – but there was no shortage of excitement (or quotable moments).

3D coloring fun

I assisted with a 3D coloring activity for tweens and teens, which was a big hit. Using the 3Doodler pen, a cross between a 3D printer and a hot glue gun, kids let their imagination run wild; some used templates to make their own glasses frames, while others experimented with different shapes of their own. The pen itself was tricky to use, and it took a lot of patience, which made it difficult for many of the kids (myself included). Pictured below: My “in the zone” 3D coloring face. (It’s a lot harder than it looks!)

The library’s children’s department supervisor, who I have been working with closely these past few weeks, recently purchased a variety of tech-related games and gadgets to be used for special programs. From 3D drawing pens and mini drones to virtual reality cardboard goggles (called Google cardboard – so cool!), the library is now home to some of the hottest tech toys on the market.

Surrounded by history

This week, I made great progress on exhibits I am refreshing and relocating in the Follett House Museum. I completed write-ups about the community’s early postal service, police force and fire departments. I also selected photographs from the museum collections and learned how to properly scan them in preparation for blowing them up to the appropriate dimensions. I will then print and mount the photographs on foam core and display them in the museum cases. Next week, I will work with the library’s PR/graphic design team and use Adobe InDesign to put everything together.

In action: Taking notes on artifacts to update item descriptions in the museum database

I enjoy seeing a project the entire way through, and I am lucky to have great mentors who are patient and willing to assist me with the whole process – especially since the museum setting is new to me. I’m excited to see how it all turns out!

I can’t believe I am headed into the fourth week of the program. Stay tuned for weekly updates on my internship endeavors!

Here’s to more library adventures,


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