Head Over Heels, No Time To Think

My first week of interning and living in Boston is somehow already complete—and even though this is still just the beginning of my summer, I already have so much to say!

From cozy rides on the T (with someone’s friendly-but-sweaty golden retriever rubbing against my leg) and late-night fire alarms (everything/everyone was okay—apparently a resident was cooking something and it got too steamy) to fun intern outings and full email inboxes, the past seven days have been jam-packed with valuable experiences, laughs and (not too many) mishaps.

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For starters, I could not imagine a more incredible first week of my internship. In just the first few days at the office, I had opportunities to cover big stories for the News section of Her Campus, and I worked on editing timely articles and checking old articles to ensure the formatting and coding was correct and functional. Along with writing and editing, I am overseeing one of my favorite sections of the site, called How She Got There.

I’m also helping with a brand new Her Campus Instagram story called “Informed AF”—it’s a weekly news post that keeps our audience updated on what’s happening in the world (while still being fun for collegiettes to follow along). I love being in an environment where new projects and plans are always in the works—and the fact that I’m able to be a part of those projects is even more exciting.

It’s one thing to learn about news reporting and writing in my journalism classes at school, but it feels amazing to put what I have learned into practice and to continue growing while doing things that I love. I’m hoping that by the end of the summer—after I have worked on a ton of different projects and different kinds of writing—I will have a stronger sense of where I see myself going as a journalist.

I’ve also loved getting to know my fellow interns and co-workers at the office. It’s inspirational to be surrounded by people who are so creative, motivated, passionate and talented in their respective areas—social media, business development, integrated marketing, editorial and community development.

The Boston architecture is enough to make me want to stay here forever.

Though my internship is the *feature presentation* of my summer, there is an incredible city beyond the office, and I can see why people love it so much. City life is not always glamorous, but it is contagious (and I don’t just mean “contagious” as in people not covering their mouths when they cough on the T)—especially in Boston, which is dripping with history and character at every corner. Being here for the summer is inspirational in that it makes me want to continue working hard so I can end up living in a big city in the future.

This weekend, I joined some of my new intern friends on a little adventure around the city. We paid a visit to the iconic Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall for lunch, then hopped on the T to explore Back Bay, a beautiful area with lots of incredible architecture (and really good gelato, pictured above).

At the Boston Public Library courtyard, which is absolutely breathtaking. (Last summer, I spent most of my summer interning at my hometown library, so libraries of all sorts have a special place in my heart!)

It’s an incredible feeling to look forward to waking up on Monday because I’m genuinely so excited to see what the week will bring.

As always, stay tuned for more!


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