Hello, Boston

If my life were a movie, this would be the overly dramatic punchline: “After months of mental preparation, 20-year-old college girl from Florida arrives in Boston with three duffel bags of Space Bag-sealed clothes, her laptop and a dream.”

Okay, key phrase: overly dramatic.

Since my life isn’t a movie and I don’t go about my day playing the soundtrack of 13 Going on 30 or The Devil Wears Prada in my head (because who even does that?!!?!?!), I’ll put it simply: I am of the cusp of a brand new and very exciting experience.

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My editorial internship at Her Campus Media starts tomorrow, and it feels surreal to finally be at this point. Her Campus is the #1 online community for college women and was founded by three women when they were students at Harvard in 2009 (which is why the company is headquartered in Boston).

As an editorial intern, I will be writing and editing articles and working on special projects for the website and brand. I will be working alongside a team of inspiring professionals (as well as the co-founders!) and a large group of other interns, who are specializing in departments such as social media, integrated marketing and business development.

I am beyond excited to document my internship experiences and city life adventures. I have only been in Boston for a couple days so far, but I am already falling in love with the picturesque brownstones and the history that seems to weave in and out of every street (and people-watching on the T). I always try to imagine new places and new experiences in my head beforehand, but I’ve found that everything is almost always so much different in person—in a good way.


The last time I was in Boston, I was 14-going-on-15 and was in the city for my eighth grade class trip. We took a bus from Ohio to Boston—a.k.a. 10 hours of “bonding” with a bunch of middle-schoolers in an enclosed space. (I remember it was a lot of fun, but I actually feel nauseous thinking about it.)

Aside from visiting the classic Boston historical attractions, my class had a very unfortunate whale-watching boat excursion experience that became a sort of iconic joke among the students and teachers; no whales were spotted, and nearly half of the students got seasick. (Needles to say, my current Boston experience is going a lot more smoothly.)


In all seriousness, though, it is interesting to think about how the last time I was here, I was an eighth-grader with no idea of where I would end up for college, let alone the fact that I would return to Boston as an *adult* for an internship. I love a good full-circle experience, and I have a feeling that in just a couple months, I might look back on this blog post with a different perspective (in a good way)!


Time and time again, I am reminded that the most unfamiliar places and experiences oftentimes turn out to be the most transformative ones. I think this summer has a lot in store for me, both personally and professionally (there will be/already have been a lot of *make it work* moments), and I am 100 percent ready to experience it all.

Here we go!



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