Suddenly I See This is What I Want to Be

The past few weeks in Boston have brought lots of writing, editing, exploring and intern adventures. Here’s what I’ve been up to, what I’m thinking about, working on and looking forward to!

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*please excuse me while I take pictures of every building in the city*

My days at the Her Campus office are very busy—and so much fun. Every day is a little different depending on my schedule for meetings, but for the most part, I always start the morning by reading through the news and checking my email. I’ll address anything urgent (i.e. a response from someone I reached out to for an interview or an article I need to edit). Then, I’ll either write a news article, edit news or entertainment blogs as needed, pitch ideas of my own or make minor edits to already-published content. Each day evolves differently based on what’s happening in the news, what my editors need help with and what other ideas come my way.


The interns also have a huge (and very exciting) project that we’ll be working on until the end of the program, and we have weekly career-oriented workshops about personal branding and skills that are always helpful to discuss. The overall experience has been incredible so far and has made me realize that this really is the industry for me—which is an amazing feeling.

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Boston through my eyes: coming soon to the Museum of Fine Arts. (The floating Citgo sign was a better idea in my head.)

One of my favorite parts about being a city and using the transit system is the experience of walking up the stairs/out of a station and feeling like I’m in a whole different world. (I remember feeling the same way when I studied abroad in Barcelona and took the Metro all around the city.) For people who are used to city life, I’m sure this isn’t groundbreaking, but even as I get more into a routine and used to my surroundings, I still don’t get tired of the fact that each area of Boston is so unique and has its own “feel.” Where I live is very college-y, but I can hop on the T for 15 minutes and end up in a public square that looks straight out of a movie.

I’ve captured some of my adventures so far in this little walk-through-my-shoes style vid:

I also got to visit with some of my best friends from school—we ate our way through the city, walked the Freedom Trail and admired everything possible about Boston. It was different (but fun) being the one who “knew” (?) where to go, which way to walk and which train routes to take—and not to mention a blast catching up with some of my favorite people!



Aside from fun outings with friends and fellow interns, it’s just been so nice having time to focus on things that I really love to do. I can’t help but feel inspired to write and brainstorm ideas for future projects. I somehow don’t feel weird taking videos of my feet while riding the T or taking pictures of everything that remotely catches my eye—and I think it’s because I know that my time here is limited, and I want to soak in all the opportunities and moments while I can.


Next up: The interns celebrate 4th of July, Boston style—among other adventures!

Until next time,


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