A Weekend in St. Augustine

I spent Labor Day Weekend in the charming and historical city of St. Augustine, Florida. Though this post is a little overdue, I wanted to share a little bit about my road trip adventures!

Located about an hour and a half outside of Gainesville, St. Augustine is the closest beach area to the Gator Nation. Thanks to my friend McKenna and her parents, who were were kind enough to host our group of friends for a post-hurricane getaway, I got a little taste of a part of Florida I had not yet explored and made more memories with some of my favorite people who make every situation (even the rainy ones) more fun.

Bright lights, old city

St. Augustine, the oldest permanent European settlement in North America (even older than Jamestown), is home to a historical downtown area that reflects the city’s Spanish roots. The monuments, cobblestone streets and colonial buildings transported me back to my time in Europe (except with more palm trees). I loved the Spanish architecture and the city’s quaint yet lively atmosphere. I spent the evening walking along St. George Street with my friends – we stopped in quirky stores, saw the original Hyppo popsicle shop, admired the old buildings and enjoyed the string lights and little details that contributed to the city’s incredible ambience.


Food, food and more food

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a cupcake shop that wasn’t “cute” – but LuLi’s Cupcakes in downtown St. Augustine set the bar pretty high. LuLi’s offers a variety of vegan and gluten-free treats, making it a perfect spot for conscious eaters on the hunt for a dessert that is “just right.” My recommendation: The “What’s Up Doc” (carrot cake) cupcake.


Beachcomber Restaurant was a fun lunch spot on St. Augustine Beach. Fish tacos, fries and coleslaw – need I say more? The picnic table seating, bicycle parking and sounds of the ocean made for an idyllic start to a sun-drenched day at the beach (after it stopped raining, of course).



With plenty of friendly dogs at the beach and a downtown area brimming with old world charm, St. Augustine is a lovely city to explore. The pastel-colored houses perched along the coastline and palm tree-lined roadways give the area what I  – a non-Floridian – like to think of a signature tropical/Florida vibe.

In a previous post, I talked a little bit about how each town has its own quirks that make it unique, so I loved getting a glimpse into the place that some of my friends from school call home. (All I can say is that it’s no wonder people who live by the ocean never want to leave home.)


Aside from this fun weekend trip, the past few weeks have been nothing short of hectic. This past week alone was a fast-paced frenzy with deadlines, sorority obligations and lots of writing – but (mostly) all exciting things! Stay tuned for a more detailed update (after my Macroeconomics exam).

Here’s to sand, sun and studying,



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