Now that I’m back in the atmosphere

Just like that – my first full month of sophomore year has come and gone.

September has brought exams, lots of writing and a lot of sweat, to say the least. It’s “fall” in Florida – a.k.a. people are excited about eating, living and breathing pumpkin spice everything and wearing jeans (a death wish), but it’s actually still 90º. As long as it is sunny and clear, though, I can’t complain.

I have a lot on my plate and my mind, which isn’t always a breeze, but I’ve had some awesome experiences this month. Here’s what’s new!

Video killed the radio star

One of my favorite things I have gotten involved with thus far at UF is the WUFT-FM Radio Reading Service. The Radio Reading Service is an incredible program because it gives students with no prior experience the opportunity to learn about the basics of radio production, and it also serves a community of visually impaired listeners in North Central Florida. One month ago, I had never set foot in a radio studio – let alone operated an intimidating-looking soundboard – but I have learned so much in just the past few weeks.

All smiles with the “crew,” Rachel, Cameron and Christina. “It’s the top of the hour, and you’re listening to WUFT-FM…”

I’m not sure if I want to pursue the radio broadcasting side of media as a career, but I do know that all week, I look forward to working on the radio show. Working on a live broadcast is just plain fun. It is basically one giant improv show. There is sometimes almost always an unexpected debacle to deal with (which results in panicked texts and calls to our TA), but the little bumps along the way keep it exciting and make it a memorable learning experience. Plus, my team members make it so much fun. One thing I have to remind myself to work on is to not laugh too loudly into the microphone, as it creates a “distorted” sound. Noted.


Stay in the know: Catch my segment, called “This Weekend,” every Friday at 12:00 p.m. EST on

‘Neath the Orange and Blue

When I’m not at the J-School, I am most likely trying to wrap my head around Macroeconomics in the depths of Library West, catching up with friends, sprinting back home to get my umbrella before it downpours or heading to my next adventure (a.k.a. my next class).

This was as sweaty and humid as it looks.

I have a lot on my plate this semester, but it feels good to be committed to things I really love. I am constantly thinking about my next deadline, article, interview or pitch, and I can hardly go anywhere without a stack of Post-Its, which have saved my life when inspiration strikes at the most random times.

Finally – what’s a blog post without some good music?

Recently, I’ve been listening to Train’s new single, “Play That Song,” Jukebox the Ghost’s “The Great Unknown” and “Spacin’ Out” by The Mowgli’s.

Here’s to the good ‘ol Florida Gators and many more stories to tell,



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