A Letter To My Brother

Dear Ethan, It was not long ago that we spent our days re-watching Dunston Checks In and Honey, We Shrunk The Kids on the VHS player. It seems like just yesterday that we played “Hotel,” where we pretended to manage a hotel, using the basement cabinets as the rooms. (I guess that was a precursor to your interest in the hospitality industry.) It was […]

You can have it all, but not all at once

Another month has come and gone…a.k.a. it’s time for another reflection-esque post! From Magic Kingdom to Marston Science Library, the month of October was filled with both adventures and obstacles. I completed my first round of midterms and now – an infinite amount of eraser shavings, paper cuts, and Starbucks later – I’m preparing for the next chunk of exams. (My “study break” for tonight = finally […]

Short and sweet

I feel lucky to be celebrating the Jewish New Year surrounded by new friends and a welcoming, diverse campus community. But being in a new place is not the only thing unique about this Rosh Hashanah; the little moments of happiness and kindness that I have experienced over the past few days have made the holiday special to me. It was […]

Finally February

My friend Allison once defined senior year as “one giant countdown to a countdown.” It’s a pretty accurate description. From deadlines and decisions to milestones that used to feel distant, it seems like nearly everything this year has been a countdown to February – and now it’s here! This is a month of endings… February is my last full month of swimming. Ever. […]