So much to do, only so many hours in a day

It’s hard to believe that my first full month of college is complete. Midterm exams are no longer distant, neatly-written reminders in my planner – they are next week. It is October, yet it is definitely not the “fall” that I am used to; beads of sweat form on my upper lip every time I see someone wearing jeans or a sweater, and I have a mini-heat stroke whenever I see someone carrying a steaming hot Pumpkin Spice Latte.

In high school, a “long day” meant waking up at 5am to swim before school (and sometimes having to turn around because school would close, courtesy of the polar vortex), going through the day questioning my sanity (and reeking of chlorine), then jumping back in the pool afterwords. While these were some of the most exhausting days of my life, they certainly weren’t the last.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 12.45.54 AMNow, my days are drawn-out, but in a different way – and if I think about what I did in the past few days, the occurrences all seem to blur together. I have a routine, but each day is a little different, bringing new surprises and mini-challenges (i.e. outfit dilemmas – Umbrella vs. rain jacket? What do I wear when it’s sunny but pouring rain?). Each class, task, event, conversation, meeting, walk from one location to another, and break has a purpose…because although the days are long, they are valuable. I have the power to divide my time in any way I choose. What am I doing in between classes? Where am I going to study? How long am I going to stay there? Should I get frozen yogurt today? 

While my days are packed fuller than the luggage I brought to school, I feel lucky to have these options that allow me to choose how I fill my days. This is what I always hoped college would be like; busy and tiring, but in the best way possible. I am perpetually sweaty, but it’s okay, because so is everyone else (even if they pretend they aren’t). At the end of the day, even if I didn’t accomplish every item on my to-do list, I am just happy to be where I am, knowing that there are many more days filled with opportunities to spend time with friends, laugh, and learn.

Here’s to a new month, Scantrons, #2 pencils, and the Florida Gators,


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