Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

How is it already March? I am getting closer to being done with my freshman year of college, which is crazy to think about. It feels like I was just beginning school and getting used to campus, classes, dorm life, etc. – now, most things about college have become so familiar. I had a relaxing “spring” break at home, where I enjoyed my favorite “flexitarian” meals (thank you, Mom), went to a fun yoga class (and pretended I was on an episode of The Real Housewives of Erie County), caught up with friends and former teachers, and got a taste of the blustery Ohio winter weather that I used to know so well (hence the above photo).

Friends and FaceTime

My friends Mitchell and Anna and I have stuck together through many years of school, swimming and other shenanigans. Anna is at Northwestern University, and she is one of the most hard-working people I have ever met. When she isn’t hitting the books, she is most likely having fun with friends, exploring Chicago, or scoping out campus for mashed potatoes (her one true love). Mitchell is a high school senior who is ready to begin his next chapter at Purdue University. (You’re in the home stretch!) I can always count on Mitchell to brighten my day with his witty commentary or with one of his stories. One day, he will probably have his own reality TV show/accompanying app.

Although we couldn’t all be together in person, it was nice to share some laughs via FaceTime (yay for the 21st century) – just like old times.

Pita and a Problem

I had a lovely “ladies lunch” with my mom and grandma at one of our favorite restaurants, Taza. (Their pita is “to-die-for.”) Afterwards, we went to Trader Joe’s. Leave it to the three of us to turn something as simple as a trip to the grocery store into an adventure; this time, we had a bug fiasco in the checkout line. (If you know me well enough, you probably know about my fear of bugs/some of my horrific insect incidents.) Nobody knows how this happened, but a (very large) unidentified bug appeared on my mom’s wallet, and I think I let out a scream. It was all very dramatic. In an attempt to calm us down, the cashier said, “At least it wasn’t a huge spider!” Gee, thanks.

All smiles (before the bug incident).

Old Stomping Grounds

I visited my high school, which was such a “Don’t Come Around Here No More” scenario – but I absolutely loved getting to catch up with some of my former teachers. Shoutout to Mitchell for giving me the grand tour (even though not much has changed). Also, I got to see my swimming photo and plaque on the “wall of fame,” which was a little bit surreal! It’s like I never left. Kind of.

Hello from the other side (of the pool).

Happy Campers

I spent my last full day of break with one of my very best friends, Carly. We met during our first year at summer camp (GUCI) when we were eight years old; one day, we were supposed to be playing ultimate frisbee, but (naturally) we didn’t really want to, so we started talking to each other – and the rest was history. From spending our summers at 9349 Moore Rd. to going to each other’s Bat Mitzvahs…to shopping at Limited Too at Easton (yes, before it turned into Justice) and now, taking on college life – we have come a long way together. Carly is the intelligent, hilarious, beautiful and amazing friend that I have always known and loved. I am so glad we could see each other!

“Below average weather, above average dahlins'” – Carly

Last Hurrah

There is never a dull moment when my brother, parents and I are all together. For one thing, going out to dinner always seems to turn into an SNL skit, and staying in a hotel together always makes for some sort of “story” – but lots of funny memories to look back on, nonetheless. My brother will graduate from college in just a few months, which is very exciting – but I will miss the little things, like sitting in the backseat with him on car rides and going into his room (when he’s home) whenever I’m bored. We had lots of fun together, even though it was only for a short amount of time.

Waitress: “Are you interested in some pretzel bread?” Our response: “Yes, we are very interested.”

In the next few weeks, I will be studying for exams and preparing to schedule my classes for next fall. Then, I will be getting ready for my summer study abroad trip to Spain, which is in less than two months from now! Many exciting endeavors await – but for now, it’s back to the books (and the unpacking).

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

  1. What else can I say but, reach for the sky, and aim for the toter! A great week even if I had to watch part of “The Devil Wears Prada” for the umpteenth time. Another great post!


  2. ‘You better come round some more’ is more like it!!! Your teachers are so very proud of you! When you’re all finished with your freshman year, give me a shout and we will meet up for coffee. You can fill me in on your first year and let me live vicariously through you!!!!

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  3. I didn’t know lunch and a trip to Trader Joes could be so exciting! But your
    Weighting made it an adventure. You can always go home and have wonderful memories to share

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