Like a heartbeat skip, like an open page

Hello from the corner of happy and humid! I’m back in Gainesville for year three, and though it’s just the beginning of the semester, there’s already lots of work to be done and stories to be told.

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Speaking of beginnings, about two years ago, I wrote my first blog post as a freshman at UF. I just re-read it for the first time in a while, and, let me just say—it’s quite the treasure trove of specific moments from my first week at college. (Please feel free to read it if you’d like some entertainment!)

In the post, I referred to sorority recruitment as “blisters in the sun” (which is still 100 percent accurate), and I talked about dorm decorations as though I was a certified dorm decor™ expert after being at school for less than a week. I’ve changed a lot since the beginning of my freshman year—and I’ve also learned how to properly use punctuation and ellipses. (Thanks, J-School.)

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Looking at the pictures of those mason jars I painted (and, at the time, thought were the *cutest* things since sliced bread), I’m transported back into my room on the fourth floor of Jennings Hall, which conjures up a whole slew of memories (i.e. my random roommate fiasco that ended up working out for the best).

Last year, I walked onto campus as a sophomore and rejoiced in the I’m-not-a-freshman-anymore feeling, but in all honesty, I didn’t really feel that different compared with the year before. Now, I actually feel like I’m one of the “older” ones on campus. I’m the one who people ask how to get from their dorm to a certain building (and now I actually know how to point people in the right direction) and who younger students and sorority sisters look to for advice about school, life and balancing everything (even though I’m still asking for advice).

It’s an exciting feeling to know that I could inspire or be a role model for someone in the way that many upperclassmen did for me when I was still finding my place at UF.

This year, when I’m not in class brushing up on my Spanish or learning about the parts of a typeface (see: my inner font nerd is crying tears of joy), you’ll most likely find me in the WUFT newsroom, working with my team of Her Campus writers and editors or enjoying spontaneous moments (i.e. movie nights and Trader Joe’s runs) with people I love.

I have a lot on my plate (and my mind), but I’m ready to take it all on and share the adventures along the way.

Here’s to junior year and 90 percent humidity,


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