Finally February

My friend Allison once defined senior year as “one giant countdown to a countdown.” It’s a pretty accurate description. From deadlines and decisions to milestones that used to feel distant, it seems like nearly everything this year has been a countdown to February – and now it’s here!


This is a month of endings…

February is my last full month of swimming. Ever. As “the end” of my swimming career nears, I am beginning to feel more and more sentimental. It’s crazy to think that all the hours, weeks, yards, and years that I’ve put into this sport will amount to a few short moments. It will all soon be a memory – which is both exciting and sad. Nonetheless, I’m determined to make the hard work and commitment count and end on a good note!

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Senior day was so much fun. I couldn't imagine a better team!

…and beginnings.

The anticipation is growing, but it’s nice to know that in the very near future, all the waiting will be worth it and my future will be a bit more clear. My motto for the next couple of weeks: keep calm and refresh (my online application statuses) on!

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And snow days.

Below: The once-in-a-lifetime moment when the snow actually looks picturesque (before it turns grey and slushy, that is).

The sky is a hazy shade of winter.

February, let’s do this.


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