New Look, Same Darcy

Hello, internet! (Well, it’s really more like, “Hi, Mom and Dad..”)

I’ve decided to switch from my previous blogging platform on tumblr to WordPress. This site is more accessible (aka it’s not blocked on my school-issued laptop) and is a more traditional outlet for bloggers – plus, it’s easier (and more fun!) to customize the pages, themes, and posts.

DSC_0126 IMG_5715

Maybe you’ve followed the blog since the beginning, or perhaps you’ve happened to stumble across my page via the world wide web. Whatever the case may be, welcome to The Darcy Diaries, a collection of stories and ideas – ranging from thoughts about my last year (…now semester!!!) of high school to random epiphanies and life updates.




The “fam”
But first, let me take a selfie
I don’t think I would survive swimming without these two!

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